Ultra Lift PRO Car Scissor Jack With Ratchet Black Edition

HEYNER® Premium Car Scissor Lift Jack With ratchet

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  • 0.8 Ton
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Material Steel
Color Black
Storage Bag Yes

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HEYNER® Premium Car Lifting Jack With ratchet 


• Car Scissor Jack suitable for different sizes of car

• Robust rotatable rubber pad/saddle with 4mm metal core (ca. 35x50mm)

• The lift jack incl. the storage bag

• Incl. 17 mm ratchet

• Can be used with 17mm socket

• Heavy-duty quality for usage up to -50°C

• Excellent handling and stability

• Stable driving rod with a handle

Car Van Scissor Jack Supplied with handle, ratchet and carry case and 20cm extension bar. This kit allows users to apply increased force and leverage when turning the handle, facilitating easier lifting or lowering of the vehicle. The extension bar also enables users to reach and operate the jack in hard-to-access points, providing added convenience and versatility.

Available in sizes:

XS 0.8T (lifting height 100-320mm)

S 1T (lifting height 100-348mm)

M 1.5T (lifting height: 104-385mm

L 2T (lifting height: 98-442mm)

HEYNER offers a range of quality lifting equipment for all type of cars

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